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Constanza Fregoso

Plastic Artist, 1992. Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. 

Her art work approaches gynecology, texts written by her, dance and sewing. 

She is a multidisciplinary artist who uses disciplines such as; drawing, painting, sculpture-ceramic, photography, performance, etc. 

The body as prime matter. 

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Graduated with honors from the degree in plastic arts from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC 2017), Campus Otay Tijuana. 

In addition to her studies in arts, she also has studies in dance and dressmaking, which are evident in her work, her speech, and her creative process.

Her recent art work is Visceral, where the ceramic sculpture “flow in third dimension” and the pictorial performance “Dance on canvas” adjoin. Both projects explore movement, the organic and improvised. The detachment of perfection on traditional dance and art. 2017-2023. 

RED, two years in red, shows what it has been like to live and fight against her gynecological problems at an early age. 2014-2023. 

On 2019 she published La libreta negra (the blackbook); a collection of texts and poems that she wrote from 2013-2018. These texts intervene and have formed part of her current work.

Professor at UABC, Faculty of Arts, where he graduated (teaches ceramics). Also, an art facilitator in preschool and primary education inspired by Reggio Emilia approach. 


Solo art exhibitions:

2024                 Constanza Fregoso at Angulo Galería​ - February. 

2023                Visceral at Doratto Store July-August. 

2020                 RED two years in red at La casa de la cultura, Playas de Tijuana. 

2019                 RED two years in red at La raíz del sabor, Tijuana.

2016                 RED two years in red at La caja Galería, Tijuana. 

Collective art exhibiciones and cultural events: 

2024                Miomatosis, segundo acto at 'Trienal de Tijuana 2. Internacional pictórica", CECUT Tijuana 26 de Julio.

2023                2 pieces from Flow on Third Dimensión at XXVI Bienal plástica de Baja California, Salón 203, CEART Ensenada, B.C. 

2023                2 pieces from Visceral at "La nuestra Art Fest" Vinícola La nuestra, Tijuana B.C. 

2023               Art Envy Exhibit at Shear Envy, Downtown, San Diego, California.   

2023               2 pieces from Visceral at "Entre Tigre y oveja' at Àngulo Galería, Tijuana, B.C.

2023.              Presented Flujo Infinito  at "El arte de la sexualidad", salon 12B Building 8B at Art School (UABC) Tijuana, B.C.

2023               Performance Pictorical dance at "Festival Verbario", CEART (poliforo) Tijuana.       

2023                Cicatrices (Scars)  from RED en "Woman, words & weaving" at The front, San Ysidro Blvd, California.  

2022                Presented "La danza del fuego"  at the XLV Edition del Premio Nacional de Ceramica. Centro cultural El Refugio, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. 

2022                8 ceramic sculptures from Flow in Third dimention at Art the Envy, Downtown, San Diego, California. 

2022                2 ceramic sculptures from Flow in Third dimention in "Corporalidadex" at the lobby of the cinema on Ceart Tijuana. 

2019                Memorias (memories) piece of RED on "Acuerpada" from Barrio vagina at the white warehouse, Santo Tomas, Ensenada. 

2018                Performance Tlanemani and poem Reading from La libreta Negra (The Blackbook) at Lover´s Hour on Doratto, Tijuana. 

2016               El cierre y Miomas (Closhure and fibroids) from RED at "Production clinics IV" at Arte Álvaro Blancarte art gallery, Tijuana.

2016                 MIOmatosis (Myomatosis) from RED at "MURMUREN (no.4) (Murmur) at the federal station, Tijuana.  

2015                 Mix arts at “Artistic Languages Vol 2 y Vol 3”, at UABC (Autonomous university of Baja California, Tijuana. 

2015                 MIOmatosis (Myomatosis) from RED at "Inflection point " at the lightroom gallery. Tijuana. 

2014                 Cuerpos Efímeros (Ephemeral bodies) at "LAB 251" at Álvaro Blancarte art galley. Tijuana. 

2014                 Aferrarse (Hang on) from RED at "The concepts and process of image" at the gallery of the Art School (UABC), Tijuana. 

2012                 Presented accessories and cloth line at "Arts and Trees", winter and summer edition at Pasaje Gomez, Tijuana. 

2012                Presented accessories and cloth line at "NÉBULA: Art & Fashion Fest” at Pasaje Condominio. Tijuana. Runway by Utopia Models.  

2011             Presented accessories and cloth line at "Arts and Trees" summer edition at Le Conteiner, Tijuana.  


Special invitación on media, events and popular platforms: 

2023                Between norths, 2nd binational meeting of visual women artist, at the cultural secretary of Baja California live stream. 

2022                Exhibitor at "New Wave Ceramic Show&Market", Lustre studio, Tijuana.

2022                Manage and organize “Te conocí en un bazar” Vol I y Vol II (Meet you at the bazar),  at her own art studio, where she invited other designers and artist to exhibit and sale.  

2021                Exhibitor at "New Wave Ceramic Show&Market", Lustre studio, Tijuana.

2021              Talks "Being plastic artist, produce and undertake” at the IV academic week of Ingeniery of industrial design from the Technological of Baja California. Digital platforms google meet and Facebook live.

2021                 Talks "Undertake and art for everyone" in the debate table week “creative debates, exhibit spaces and artistic project you didn’t know you were missing” organized by the faculty of arts (UABC). Digital platform google Meet and Facebook live. 

2020               Invited to talk about her career, her undertake art project and art studies at Instagram live  @E_designtech_ Festival design festival week. 

2019                Invited to local television Televisa, to talk about her art work as a women. Invited at local.

2019                Invited to local television Televisa, to talk about her art project and business. 

Teacher work history:

2023                    Teaches ceramics at her own art studio Dequerme. (July 2023 Closed)

2023-2019         Teaches ceramics at the Art Faculty of plastic arts on the Autonomous University fo Baja California (UABC) Tijuana. 

2023-2021         Art facilitator on preeschool and primary school. Reggio Emilia approach. 

2022-2018.       Teacher, director and entrepreneur on Wine not? Painting.  

2020                 Teacher at Summer online painting class with kids. La Caja Galería  Tijuana. 

2020-2016        Dance teacher at Brava Cuna, Jazz for kids and juvenile. Stretching for adults. 

2018-2016        Ballet teacher at Metropolitan Academy, Jazz juvenile and Painting for primary school. 

2018-2015        Teacher at Las Danzantes, Jazz, Flamenco and Ballet for kids and juvenile.

2016                  Ballet teacher at Reggio Emilia New Institute.

2015                  Ballet teacher for kids at Arts Academy de Ballet. 

2016-2014        Jazz teacher for Kolbe Institute High school. 


Always seeking new opportunities and connections.

Lets collaborate. 

Instagram @constanzafregoso

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